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We are grateful when you leave your reviews on forums and other places. It makes individuals see our operation involvement and product quality, it inspired us to enhance.

Additionally, we comprehend that to write honest feedback, you waste your time(after all, you have to take a photo, enter the website, and write a text.). And as you assist us, we desire to assist you! Therefore we're introducing a new treat of discounts accessible to all with any order.

In order to get a discount, each review must meet the conditions written below:


  1. The review must be combined with the product photos, that you made!
  2. Review must describe your full experience, and should include the necessary information:

- Your first contact.
- What products you have ordered?
- How comfortable was the order and payment process? Did you use the help of our support service? Was it a good experience?
- How long after placing an order have you received a tracking number and how long does it take to deliver the package?
- If you have already tried the products, please, write about your experience.

You can also describe your cycle.


  1. Review should be written at least 2-3 weeks after the start of the cycle so that you can clearly feel and tell about the changes after the start of using products.
  2. In the second review, you need to describe the quality of the products and write about your experience:

- General well-being during the cycle: tired, agitated, aggressive, how your appetite has changed, sleep, and so on.
- Is there any progress: if you have gained weight and size, have you become stronger?
- Are there side effects such as acne, PIP etc.
- You can also describe any other changes that you notice!

If you took photos before and after, we will be glad if you share them as well!

Due to our conditions, this data is mandatory when publishing a review on Eroids.

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