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First Anabolics Cycle

You will find a number of varying opinions on just what is the best way what your first ever steroid cycle should be. And as with most cases with steroids, the answer will depend on you as an individual. But there are still two main ways that are recommended and with coming out to two broad choices you can stop procrastinating and actually start planning a cycle plan in action.

First Steroid Cycle (Testosterone)
One way of thinking is to go whole hog in your first cycle because you know the gains will be great. This means taking relatively high doses usually of testosterone and starting at 500 mg, but possibly increasing to 1000 mg per week, and also combining with other compounds such as orals. But this approach comes with great risk for new users, especially when it comes to side effects.

You've never used steroids before, so if you dive in hard with large doses you run a high risk of not doing well. Unless you are fully confident in your ability to control and regulate side effects. Therefore, it is not recommended to go right in with such high doses during your first regimen.

The second option and one that is definitely more moderate is to use testosterone in your first course with doses of about 250-400 mg per week. No need to add other compounds to that in your first cycle; instead you are just evaluating exactly what testosterone will do for you without the influence of other compounds.

Then you can add other compounds with future cycles and grab more mass with them. While this is more of a conservative path, it is one that does carry much lower risks. And since it is only your first cycle, it can be considered an introduction, after this you can start experimenting much more with different stacks/compounds and more complex cycles.

What dosages work best for you? This is of course hard to say since every individual is different. The advice is to build up and increase it in increments, however there is always a "sweet spot ", where you have almost no side effects and can grow to the max. Usually if you go beyond that then you will get a lot more side effects and therefore you will also grow less.

Below is a cycle example you can use:

Optional Compounds/Stacks:

Optional aromatase inhibitors (AIs):

PCT Option 1: Post cycle therapy (PCT):


PCT option 2: Testosterone phase out (Taper off)

By slowly reducing the dose, you give the body a chance to gradually return to normal function and become less dependent on the substances.

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